Toni Kroos reveals who will win La Liga 2019/20

The 2019-2020 Liga season will return next week and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos talked to the team’s TV channel and discussed how different it will be for every team to play the 11 remaining games behind closed doors and how the team has been training for those matches.

“We are training hard to get to the first game in the best possible shape. We can’t do any more, this situation is the same for everyone. We have to train well on our fitness, on our feeling with the ball and on how we have to play as a group, we are training for the 11 matches coming up.

“It’s the first time we have to play matches without the fans, let’s see how it is, and the team that adapts better to this situation is the one that will win,” said Kroos.

Real Madrid have been able to train in groups of 14 players since last week and that’s been a huge improvement, according to the German midfielder.

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“It’s much better to train with the group, you have to play matches in training. Now it seems to be more normal and we like it more. The weeks we’ve been at home we haven’t touched the ball much.

“We could work on the physical side of things at home, but not on the ball and even less so with the group. The most important thing is to touch the ball a lot,” he said.

Kroos knows that the players will probably need some time to regain confidence and groove with the ball.

Real Madrid train at the San Siro ahead of the Champions League ...
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The midfielder also remembered Real Madrid’s win against Juventus in the 2017 Champions League Final, where Los Blancos conquered their 12th Champions League title three years ago.

“I have good memories, we won 4-1. The second half was one of the best in my six years here. It was the second one after Milan; a night we will always remember,” concluded Kroos.

The German player will be a crucial player and starter for Real Madrid in the 11 games left on their schedule.

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