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Agent says Hakimi wants to play for Real Madrid

Much has been said about Achraf Hakimi’s future in recent weeks, even months.

The right-back has completed impressive performances for Borussia Dortmund during his two-year loan deal and the obvious choice for Real Madrid would be to bring him back. However, the young player wants to have a relevant role and is not sure about his minutes in the Spanish capital, where he’d likely be behind Carvajal in the rotation.

Today, his agent Alejandro Camaño talked to Onda Madrid and revealed what Achraf will do when the 2019-2020 season ends.

“He will rejoin Real Madrid for the pre-season stage when the 2019-2020 season is over and then we will see what happens. His aim is to play games like he did this year, when he played every game as a starter. There’s no rush, the only goal is to keep playing in order to improve and develop,” said Camaño.

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Rumors have suggested that there are big clubs interested in the young defender. His agent reveals that Real Madrid have had talks with him recently.

“There’s a great relationship with Real Madrid and they want to have him on their radar. We also don’t want to get too far away from Real Madrid, so we will find some kind of agreement for whatever it may be, stay or leave, but without forgetting that our goal one day is to play for Real Madrid, which for him is the world’s best club. It might be a short path if Madrid offer him to stay now or a longer one if he leaves, but the goal will be the same: to play in the world’s best club. That doesn’t mean he’ll have to play for Real Madrid as soon as possible. We know he’s a Madrid fan for life but we will wait until he gets a relevant role,” he added.

Camaño also revealed what Real Madrid have told him during those talks.

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“Real Madrid tell us that the player is on their plans as one of the players they want to develop. The thing here is that Achraf is a different breed, he’s performed at an extraordinary level and in some way he has every chance to come back to Madrid even knowing that they already have one of the world’s best right-backs, so that’s also a challenge to get to that level,” concluded Camaño.

In the end, it seems obvious that Madrid will just keep Achraf Hakimi next season. Coach Zinedine Zidane will likely have to talk Achraf into accepting a role behind Carvajal for a while, knowing that there will be minutes for both defenders.

However, he will have to manage that situation very carefully considering that Achraf’s contract expires in 2022 —Camaño confirmed it in this interview—, so if Los Blancos want to extend his contract and control his future, they will ultimately have to keep the young defender happy with his role.

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